Chika Fukushima

Chika Fukushima

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Chika Fukushima was born and grew up in Kagoshima, Japan. 

Chika’s father is a self-taught porcelain painter, and the pottery was her playground. 

This growing environment led her to go to a throwing-pottery school in Kyoto, where she learned refined integration of the three-dimensional traditional Japanese craft and detailed paintings.

While learning to envision what the crafts would be like over time as the result of the interaction of the users with the works, she realized her being woven into Nature, which is ever changing through countless interactions, always can start her work and develop it.


After graduation, she began her career as an artist in various fields, which include displays in commercial establishments, pictures and patterns on apparel products, and conventional drawings.
Chika collaborated with a Japanese poet to publish an illustrated poetry book in 2013.

Her first solo exhibition of the drawings was held at an established art gallery in Kobe, Japan in 2018.

Chika’s work is a journey without destinations. 

It just starts.

Freely exploring space, time, light, and colors in Nature, she continuously interacts with the picture being drawn. 

Chika never stops asking the pictures where they want to go and what they want to be like.

She tries to harmoniously encompass the four dimensions of the world she feels during the journey, and to usher the people who see her works into this harmonized world.

Mutual interactions between her works and herself make Chika supremely happy.

Since a gallery in Firenze, Italy exhibited her work in 2014, she has been vigorously seeking to share the happiness also with the people outside Japan.

Chika spent two months in Sweden for the artists-in-residence program offered by a world-renowned artist, Yoshio Nakajima in 2018.

After her being immersed in the multi-cultural artistic environment of the program, Chika’s solo exhibition was held in Helsingborgs, Sweden. She also performed live painting with Mr. Nakajima.

Chika now feels the earth is her playground.


【Exhibition & Activity】

Mar. “Chika Fukushima Exhibition @Gallery Concept 21” (Tokyo, Japan)


Jan. “Chika Fukushima Exhibition @ekouan Flat” (Tokyo, Japan)


Apr. “China Weifang Culture&Art Fair” (China)
June.  Wall painting production of “Gallery SYD” (Denmark)
June. “Yoshio Nakajima art hall” (Sweden)
Nov.  “Chika Fukushima Exhibition @Gallery Shimada trios” (Kobe, Japan)


Feb. “Gallery Shimada deux” (Kobe, Japan)
July. “Yoshio Nakajima art hall” (Sweden)
Oct. 「Yoshio Nakajima ‘Back in town'」with Rui Sakurai and Chika Fukushima (Denmark)
Dec. “China Korea Japan Art Cosmos Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition”  (Yokohama,  Japan)


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